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Pivot Doors

Altair 2 Pivot Door

R7,800.00 Including VAT

Pivot Doors

Altair 5 Pivot Door

R9,295.00 Including VAT
R8,635.00 Including VAT

Pivot Doors

Cobble Pivot Door

R6,050.00 R4,999.00 Including VAT

Exterior Doors

Comet 2

R11,200.00 Including VAT

Exterior Doors

Comet 3 Exterior Door

R11,220.00 Including VAT

Exterior Doors

Comet 4 Exterior Door1

R12,320.00 Including VAT
R10,120.00 Including VAT

Pivot Doors

Comet Pivot Door

R9,350.00 Including VAT

Pivot Doors

Dawn Pivot Door

R9,680.00 R8,800.00 Including VAT
R13,750.00 R12,320.00 Including VAT
R16,500.00 Including VAT

Jad Doors manufactures a wide range of Pivot Doors. The beauty of Pivot Doors is that they are larger than your standard door sizes and create a larger than life bigger appearance for the front of your house. Pivot Doors display a sense of style and elegance to your house and gives guests a sense of grandeur when you invite them into your home. We manufacture Pivot Doors right here in our factory in Lenasia, where you can view some of the ready made doors we have available.

You can send us your own design for a Pivor Door and our team will make it to your specifications. You can choose the type of wood and the type of finish that you want. The design is up to you as to how you want it to look. Make sure that you also send us the measurements for the door because this is an important part of the design and manufacturing process. Once the door is ready we can deliver it to you for self installation or you can request for our team to assist with the installation of the Pivot Door.

The Pivot Door, which is wide is size pivots in a way that is unique to this style of door as it does not always hinge right at the edge of the door where it meets the frame. This is the style that is so different and that is sought after by many modern home owners.

You are welcome to come to our showroom and view the Pivot Doors and the range of other doors we have on display. In our showroom you will be able to see the different types of wood available and the options you have for the finishes of your door.

We also have the option of shopping online for your ideal Pivot Door or you can contact us for more information and to place your order.

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