Why is Bigger Better?

Bigger Better

Are you looking at revamping your house? Possibly even starting a whole new adventure of building your own from start to finish. With so many things to take into consideration, one thing that normally gets overlooked is the sizing and design of your windows. In this article we are going to help you through this process. So, what do windows add to a home? Well they provide visual access to the outdoors, allow in natural light as well as providing fresh air. In our climate we are blessed with fantastic weather so why not use it to our advantage and showcase it to the world.

During the darker and colder days of winter, a larger window will allow a good steady stream of light into your living space. This will also affect your electricity bill as you won’t need to use artificial lighting to take you out of the darkness. In fact, natural light is known to help boost energy and your mood which generally makes you feel better. This feel good factor can spill over into you having a good night’s rest.

If designed properly, large well-positioned windows can help heat a home through passive solar gain in the winter when the sun is shining. Having large windows can help you feel like you are a part of the outdoors while not even venturing outside. Being exposed to the outdoors visually can stimulate wellbeing and boost your health. Not forgetting that the beauty of the outdoors can be a stunning addition to your home decor. Using large windows can be picture windows or operable, sometimes both. The advantage of a picture window is that it is made up of no moving parts which should leave your pocket more intact. While the advantage of operable windows is that it can increase air movement and circulation of fresh air into your home.

So now you need to choose the type, size and thickness of your window. Obviously if you are working to a budget you might want to choose more carefully from a wider range of product. You need to take into account that windows will get dirty and will need to be cleaned, so make sure that they are also practical so that this doesn’t become a tedious task down the line. For example, if you have a double story and the one side is completely a window, you will need a ladder on hand as well as an extended to complete this task. Just food for thought.

With floor to ceiling windows that open, you have both an indoor and an outdoor living area. You can open the windows to provide a seamless transition from the house to the outdoor living area. Installing these windows will also allow you more entertaining space. In closing, making the decision to go with a larger window is an excellent decision and the advantages are endless and always fruitful, while being mentally and physically good for your health. Design the home that you have dreamt of today!

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