Which is better, Wooden or Metal Doors?

There is an old age debate when it comes to door material. Which is better, wooden or metal doors?

Imagine you move into your new home and you look around, you want to give your doors a bit of a facelift. You need to make a decision on what material you will be primarily looking at. Let’s have a look at both wooden and metal doors.

Nothing quite says tradition more than the solid character of a solid wood door. They tend to be solid by design, heavy, artistic, and reliable for many years. However, there are some weaknesses inherent in wooden doors. Hinge attachments can become worn out from repeated action and stress. Exterior conditions can impact the longevity of the painted, varnished, or urethane finish. The most common problem facing wooden doors is their nature to expand when exposed to moisture, causing doors to bind and become difficult to open or close. But if you take good care of the wood, you’ll enjoy wonderful wood doors for years to come.

Metal doors may save you cost and will offer you a consistency wooden doors may not. They are designed and manufactured to be a perfect fit. Hinge attachment won’t wear loose from repeated action. Doors are solid enough to dismay any intruder from breaking in, and locks are not easily removed or broken out.

The downside with metal doors seems to be their design aesthetic and ability to be creatively finished. Metal doors will require priming, and painting in a solid finish—no staining or wood grain to encourage here. Only solid colours will do, and the application with metal doors should always be sprayed on. Brush, sponge, or roller painting on metal doors inevitably will show lap marks and look unprofessional.

So you need to look at what fits your budget better along with the style you are looking to achieve.

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