Some Interesting Facts About Doors

Facts About Doors

Doors are one of the most used items on a daily basis yet most time we don’t even really take notice of them. Not unless you have one from Jad Doors. Solid wood doors can be used to keep things inside, people from coming in or even to keep a room warm. The uses are endless and so are the options.

There are some interesting facts about doors that I came across and would love to share them with you.

1) Inefficient glazed doors and windows cost home-owners over 25% of their energy bills. This wasted money literally leaks out of your house’s openings.

2) Replacing glazed doors and windows with double-glazed, insulated glass, with air-tight frames and Energy Star ratings, can save up to 15% on your bills.

3) Roughly a third of burglars enter by the front door. Old, hollow doors are easy to kick down, and old-fashioned locks are also at risk, while thin glazing on doors can be easily smashed. Modern doors are more secure, fitted with strong locks and toughened glass. Consider solid wood or metal, and keep your door locked.

4) Janus was known as the Roman God of beginnings, ending, doors and transitions. To honour him, Romans built their doors to swing into their homes, to welcome Janus and their guests in.

5) If a Roman did his country a great service, he was honoured with a door opening outwards, symbolising his help to the empire.

6) Doors are often featured in dreams, usually referring to a new opening. If a locked door is experienced in your dream, it could mean you have missed an opportunity.

Now, look at the door closest to you and think about how it affects you and your day to day routine. Doors need to be treated with the same respect as you treat your cellphone. Head on over to Jad Doors and see how you can upgrade your current options.

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