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All JAD DOORS(PTY) LTD products, doors & accessories carry a 1-year manufacturing guarantee.
JAD DOORS (PTY)LTD sources Timber and raw material from leading manufacturers which have maintenance instructions and warranty conditions. Kindly contact our sales team for advice on our products.
Product image colours on web site may vary from product being supplied. All JAD DOORS products may vary in colour and texture, we strongly advise customers to purchase all goods for one project at the same time as we are unable to guarantee continuity of a product that you may be hoping to match with goods previously supplied.
Wooden doors taller than 2.4 meters are susceptible to twisting and we are unable to take responsibility if this occurs.
Econo doors supawood and Masonite doors are intended for internal use only kindly note that JAD DOORS (PTY)LTD’s responsibility stops at the supplying of the door. We DO NOT offer any installation of any of our products.

Wood is a beautiful, natural material which can last a lifetime if properly treated.
in our factory we take the greatest possible care in order to provide you with a top-quality product.
Unless otherwise requested at the time of ordering our products are delivered untreated. Until they are treated wooden products are highly susceptible to variations in humidity and temperature which can cause movement in the wood. we strongly recommend, that our care and treatment instructions, supplied with every product, are followed and that the instructions provided by the manufacturer or whatever product is used to seal the wood are strictly adhered to. In particular it is important to store the products properly and to make sure that they are treated as soon as possible after delivery.
We take no responsibility for the results of inadequate treatment or poor storage conditions.
Doors and windows should be stored flat and clear off the floor, on three bearers longer than the width of the doors.
The products should not be stored on the edge, or on end, or leaning against walls.
They should be stored in a dry building with protection from dirt and moisture.
To avoid discoloration and possible fading of the timber, they should be stored out of direct sunlight.
The products should not be stored or installed in a building until all wet trades have been completed and allowed to dry.

Installation and treatment of the product must be completed by a qualified installer, more particularly a registered and qualified carpenter. Installation by a non – qualified installer will result in the voiding of guarantees and warrantees A sealant suitable for the intended location of the product must be applied, in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, to all surfaces, including top and bottom, lock cavities etc., no more than seven days after delivery and before installation.
We recommend the use of an oil-based sealant incorporating fungicidal and pesticide agents.
If any part of a door, window or door frame is cut, drilled or planed, the exposed wood should be treated immediately.
It is very important to ensure that the top and bottom of doors receive two coats of varnish.
Maintenance should be carried out at a minimum of six months intervals between maintenance.

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