How to Maintain Your Wooden Sliding Door

Wooden Sliding Door

A wooden sliding door can make a great addition to any property. Wooden sliding doors open and close on tracks rather than swings on hinges. This makes sliding doors the easiest to operate and it’s a great option for rooms with desks, books or patios. Not only do they provide you with a bigger more appealing entryway but they also optimize your space usage. Aside from their closeness, sliding doors contribute to your home’s appearance and design by allowing you to connect with the outside world. Despite the value they bring to your home, they do have their unique challenges. Wooden sliding doors and other sliding doors do require routine maintenance and regular attention. If they are not properly maintained, they can become a problem to operate. We would like to provide you with a maintenance checklist to help you protect and extend the lifespan of your wooden sliding door.

Standard Routine Maintenance

– Make sure you regularly check your door

– Remove dust and dirt from the track

– Keep a lookout for faulty components

Being a homeowner is a full-time job on its own. Regular maintenance for your sliding door is vital if you want to enjoy your home. Like every part of your home, it is important to check every aspect of your door now and again. Check the wood on the door is smooth and secure and remove debris that builds up around the track. You can use a nail brush or an old toothbrush or vacuum out what’s left of the debris. Even if the sliding door is operational, it is important that you still have these regular checks.

How to Maintain Your Wooden Sliding Door

If compared with other doors most of the time wooden doors arise as the clear favourite for most people. Wood is easy on the eye and will blend impeccably well with any homes décor or colour theme.

Inspect the Wood for Any Rotting 

A common problem caused by absorbing moisture on wooden doors is rot. An affected area will have a dark spot and if you leave it unattended the rot will spread and damage the entire door. If you notice any sign of wood rot you should sand down the affected area and administer treatment immediately. If the wood has already begun to crumble you may need to look at new doors for sale.

Varnish Wooden Door Often to Avoid Moisture Damage

Wood has microscopic fibres which allow it to expand and contract when open to moisture. As it absorbs and loses moisture and discolours over time – give your wooden door a substantial varnish coat now and then. The varnish will help stop the wood from absorbing water and also uphold its strength for much longer.

Clean the Track Regularly to Ensure the Door Slides Easily

Having a sliding door that can’t move is no fun at all. A simple and easy way to clean the track is to vacuum the dirt up if you don’t have a vacuum you can sweep it up or use an old toothbrush. For the door itself, you can wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. If your track is clean and you have problems sliding the door, there may be something else wrong with your track and roller replacement parts. It would be wise to call an expert contractor for assistance.

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