How to Choose an Exterior Door

We tend to focus so much attention and styling on the interior of our homes that we look past the glaring fact of the outdoor aspect. Especially now more than ever, with the South African climate moving into our spring and summer months, we will be spending more time around the braai with friends and family.

Before you choose what exterior door to install in your new home, you need to understand how well your door protects and insulates your home, how it stands up to time and the elements and how much it cost. If you have any questions about the right front door, ask your builder’s sales rep what material works best and which types they offer.

For people buying homes in harsh and humid climates (sun, wind, rain, etc.), fiberglass doors are affordable, durable and look nice. Fiberglass doors mimic the look of wood and are filled with foam insulation to prevent heat loss through the door. Fiberglass doors come with long warranties and do not warp.

Wood doors do need repainting every few years to prevent damage from the elements. Look for careful detailing and thickness when shopping for a wood door. Generally, the thicker the panel and more intricate the carvings and moulding, the better quality the door.

Steel doors usually come as part of a pre-hung system, so if you want one, you need to make sure your builder lines the hinge units on the door to match the hinges on the door.

If you want to invest in a low-maintenance exterior door, choosing a solid wood door might be the right option for your home. An solid wood door is strong, sturdy and reliable. These doors remain in a solid condition look beautiful when it is properly cared for.

It will all come down to costing and personal taste, so give yourself some time to make the best choice.

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