How To Choose A Door

Choose a Door

Doors. No space is complete without them. They offer protection, warmth, appeal, value and many more great things.

You have multiple variety of doors, from interior, sliding doors, patio doors, solid wood doors and pivot doors just to name a few. I want to chat a bit more about exterior doors.

When deciding on a door, you must consider the entire door unit, not just the door slab. Understanding the anatomy of an exterior door unit and the purpose of every part will assist in simplifying the buying process. Firstly we need to look at the different types of materials that can be used for the door slab which is the main component of a door unit. The door slab can be made up of wood, steel or even fibreglass. Door slabs might even use glass which will allow light to enter.

Now in order to maximise the safety feature of a door we need to look at the lock. You will find that there are three types of locking mechanisms available. Cylindrical, mortise and a multi-point. The most common and traditional locking mechanism is the cylindrical. It is applied through a hole in the stile of a door. A mortise lock is based in a recess within a door and provides added security. The last type a multi-point is actually attached to a doors edge and has three locking points, this is by far the best option for security.

Next we have the frame, which is also sometimes called a jamb. It is made up of three separate pieces and surrounds the door creating a frame in which the door sits. Frames are made up of composite material, solid wood door or veneered wood.

There are countless options in terms of styling and looks you can go for when choosing an exterior door, but this job can become much easier if you put your trust into the hands of an expert like Jad Doors.

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