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Garage doors play a big roll with the look of your house. For a big home it is better to have double doors, and for a small home single doors look better. Choosing the correct wooden garage door is a big investment and offers you an opportunity to make a dramatic fashion statement.

At Jad Doors we offer you ready made and custom designed garage doors as well. A lot of modern yet farm style homes usually have white double garage doors also with a touch of black. The most popular colour for modern homes is grey, therefore, a lot of modern homes have grey doors as well. Wooden doors look excellent with a white wall.

You can design your own custom door as you see fit. Most doors come with small windows at the top, and others have the standard wood look, then you get the colour doors as well. Electric doors are more convenient than manual, but we are here to design doors to your personal preference.

We offer quality wood for your doors, we also pre-treat all wood before the designing process starts. Our team will assist you is designing a single or double wooden garage door that will add beauty and value to your home. You visit our store to see more of the products we offer. To also see our specials and more images of our custom designs visit our Facebook page.

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