Ensuring The Cold Stays Outside

Ensuring The Cold Stays Outside

During winter the cold creeps in some way or another. You always wonder where the cold is coming from when all the windows and doors are closed. Most of the times your windows are not closed properly or your doors are not fit properly, so the wind comes through at the bottom.

Ventilation ducts play a big role in bringing the cold air in the house. Most people put tissue or cotton in the ventilation ducts during winter. But if you do decide to go this route just remember to take them out when spring comes. If they are still there during summer then your home will be warm all summer long, because the heat will practically be trapped in. Al though it is a good idea to keep the ventilation ducts open during winter as well; this way your home won’t smell bad. You need a bit of air during winter so that all bad smells can be eliminated and so that your house smells and feels fresh during winter as well.

When designing doors for your home you need to ensure that they are fitted well. If your doors are not fitted properly then a lot of wind might come through at the bottom of the doors. This will then make your house very cold. You can get door stopper that you can slide under the door to prevent the wind from coming in the house. These types of stoppers are usually long; they come in different colours, materials, and shapes. The most common one is made out of leather; some are made out of normal material. It is in any case heavy no matter what material it comes in; it is filled with a material that is strong enough to block out wind.

Your windows can also either not be fit properly, or your windows might be a bit old and not be able to close properly anymore. You need to get the frame of your windows replace regularly; in this way it will always be fitted securely and will prevent the cold air from coming in your house. You will need to replace your windows handles often. There is a lot of dirt that builds up in the window handles then in the end it will be difficult to close your window tight enough. You will also need to keep them oiled regularly if they slide open; if they are pushed open you need to clean the frames often enough so that you can eliminate all dust and dirt build up. When cleaning your windows don’t just clean the glass; but clean the frames as well, the same applies for your doors. The reason for cleaning the frames is to prevent them from looking dirty and being sticky. Door and window frames can get sticky very easily because of people touching them all the time and due to the dust build up.

Keep your house warm this winter by getting all your ventilation checked properly. Get to your nearest door supplier for good advice on materials that you can use.

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