Double Door

Double doors add a stylish vintage look to your home. Also double doors were popular in the royal ages, and most royal families has big double doors at the entrance of their homes. These type of frameworks are heavy as well, therefore, you need a lot of strength for these doors too. Whatever style you have on the exterior of your home, should also reflect what the theme is on the inside.

You can either have your double doors all wood, or you can add glass in the middle. The doors that have glass on the middle or on top are seen at most modern designed homes. Your all wood doors are mostly for the vintage or standard style homes. Whatever style you are going for with the double doors, we can do it. Light wood goes well as a frame with the glass in the middle, because it gives it a easy feel. And dark wood goes well as just a full wooden framework, because it gives off a more solid feel. Grey and cream, as well as white and black, also look good with these double doors. Different colour can be used also, depending on the style and colour of your home.

We manufacture modern designed entrance pivot frameworks that will make your home more welcoming,  and give it a stylish and modern feel as well. All of our designer wood doors can be pre-treated and made to your specific requirements as well. Feel free to visit our store. Visit our Facebook page as well, to see more of the frameworks we offer as well.

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