27 09, 2019

Is Your Garage Door Weighing You Down?

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Have you tried to open your garage door lately and it felt like you were trying to lift a car on its own? Perhaps every-time it's being closed all you hear is screeching sounds being pitched out at an incredibly high volume. It might be time to change your garage door. Well let's start with [...]

4 07, 2019

Ensuring The Cold Stays Outside

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During winter the cold creeps in some way or another. You always wonder where the cold is coming from when all the windows and doors are closed. Most of the times your windows are not closed properly or your doors are not fit properly, so the wind comes through at the bottom. Ventilation ducts [...]

7 06, 2019

What Are The Importance of Door Frames?

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A door is nothing but a entrance without a frame. What is a frame though? What is its purpose? A frame is often overlooked or never acknowledged for the role it plays in holding a door in place. There are few roles of the door frame, namely; Levelling and Support, Hinging and Closing as [...]

30 05, 2019

Benefits of Having Interior Glass Doors

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What is in a door? Is it merely a way to keep your household belongings safe or is it a pathway that takes you from your living space to your entertainment area. There is nothing more elegant than an interior glass door. But not just any old one will do. There is a truly great [...]

23 04, 2019

Uses of Moulding in Your Home

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Moulding is the part that goes on your walls, ceilings, windows and doors to act as a frame. It creates a nice and complete look on the inside of your home when you have moulding. Most pivot door manufacturers supply and install moulding for you. You can create your own custom designed frames in your [...]

9 03, 2019

Benefits of Having a Sliding Door

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There are many benefits of having a sliding door. Normally these types of doors are can be installed in your home if you don't have them already. Security, safety, energy efficiency, natural light, and space saving are just some of the benefits to having sliding doors. They can be installed easily, and the best [...]

5 02, 2019

Are Top Hung Windows a Good Choice?

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Top hung windows are a very good choice for those looking to add a bit of value and taste to their homes. They may not be for everyone depending on what type of window you are looking for. Simply put, a top hung window is for someone looking to add abundant sunlight as well as [...]